Monday, February 3, 2014

That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

       People love helping other people. When we help others it gives us this nice feeling of selflessness. But sometimes helping others has unintended consequences. We don't like the idea that our money ends up in the wrong hands. We don't like that our good-hearted efforts at "helping" may actually be making others worse off than they were before. But it is time for us to think of more innovative ways to help others than sending money to their corrupt governments and  in actuality stunting a countries growth more than supporting it.
       If one wants to help others, it is their responsibility to track exactly where their help is going and how it is helping.  It is more beneficial for a person to physically go to that other "less off" country and teach a trade  to another person in order to benefit their way of life. This way,  you actually help the economy of that country by teaching the people how to  specialize and  create a demand for something they do. This makes money in that  countries economy and keeps it there rather than money coming straight out of our economy  and benefitting our feeling of  how selfless we are more than the individuals of that foreign country.

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