Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Who will you chose

The crook or the offensive groper? these are the main arguments used by opposing sides to justify their reason for voting for the other party. attached are some pages listing why to vote for one side or the other. along with that there are some questions I'd like everyone to think about for tomorrows meeting. Apologies for the lateness of this posting.
Who do you think we should vote for?
What about 3rd party? do they have a chance?
Opinions on Trump?
Opinions on Hillary?
Who votes for Giant meteor for President?
Also what about economic benefits will each bring to the table, the last two links bring you to pages that show their stance on everything imaginable. 
Lastly from the "media" sources below do you think that they are reporting this information on a bias for one side or the other? (sources were screened but not 




  1. So first off, I'll be voting for Gary Johnson in the upcoming election. I think that he is the most reasonable choice for the presidency, although he's not perfect in any way. In regard to Clinton or Trump, I would be okay with Clinton as president. I'm not convinced that a Clinton presidency would turn out as bad as all the things that people say, and Clinton has had a lot of experience with politics and handling government so I think that she is well equipped for it. I just don't agree with all of her policies, particularly her support for intervention in other countries business.
    I do not feel like Trump on the other hand has what it takes to handle all the aspects of the US presidency well.

    While I do not think that Gary Johnson or any other third party will win, I do think that he will be able to gain enough support to show that third parties can be a force to be reckoned with and so my support of Johnson also hopefully adds just that little bit more toward bringing these important issues to the table.

  2. Politics are personal. I think that we should vote for Clinton. If there were a greater chance for third parties, I would recommend Gary Johnson. A vote for someone else is a vote for Trump, in this election. I understand your sentiment, though, Josh. I think Trump is disgusting, and I think sexual assault is a reflecting indicator of one's take on power. Sexual abusers take what doesn't belong to them, and it shows not only lack of control, but lack of respect. I think self-control, along side with responsibility for one's actions are essential characteristics in leading a country. This aside, he is also not fit for presidency. He does not have the experience, nor the patience to run a country. In respect to the third debate, in stated that he would leave us "in suspense" in regards to accepting the outcome of the election. Regardless of your personal views, it is in the essence of democracy that the candidates respect the outcome of an election. It is the people's vote, and you must respect your people. I think that Clinton has more experience in politics, and holds herself together more professionally and maturely. Taking into account the links you provided, I understand that there is bias behind the articles. However, I think that it should be noted that there are nearly double the reasons not to vote for Trump, according to John Hawkins. Politics is personal, there's no doubt that bias contributes to people's decisions. We each have our own subjective values, but I believe that in voting for the leader, you should consider those other than yourself.

  3. I am extremely cynical of what is happening in U.S. politics. I honestly don't believe that the common man has any real power in determining policy. Yes, we get to vote, but the vast majority of voters are under-informed, stupid, or completely willing to simply vote along political party lines with no regard for the actual person being voted for.

    This is the first time in my life that I believe that I will vote for a third party. The reasons are simple. I am disgusted with the two party system. I look jealously at the vibrant sort of democracy that parliamentary systems enjoy, where individuals can expect more compromise and accomplishments by their elected representatives. Voting for the "lesser" of two evils just sustains an untenable system. Further, in Alaska, Donald Trump will win. As such, it is best to use my vote with a look towards the future.

    To help educate people more, I really think that looking at the party platforms are a wonderful thing. These are the points that the candidates will be working towards, and can be read for both education and amusement: