Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Who's at Interest?

The author talking about state land disposal laws acting to exert control over the land appears to make sense in how the rights to mineral resources do not belong to private property owners. I must agree with the author that the state land disposal system means that there is no real private ownership of property. I'm not sure if the rights should be repealed or not because the book says the state reserves the right and not necessarily the obligation to take all the mineral resources on private property. Essentially, it's important to have established private property rights for more free business enterprise. There are many various restrictions with respect to land when mining because many of the most potent land resources are restricted from private use, so claims cannot be bought on the many tracts of land that belong to the state or federal government. Many miners do say that the many restrictions only make it harder to scale up their operations because of increased regulation such as the Clean Water Act, and this is what I believe the author tried pointing towards. I do believe some of the increased regulation should be there, but I am not an expert to confidently state whether that should be the case or not. Also, the author talking about how Alaska has the most government of any other state is also partially true in the sense that the people are very dependent on fund dispersal or distribution. I do not think the government should have such an important role in the lives of the people when the people should have the ability to do more themselves. The state government is having very severe financial troubles right now and I think this is what the author points to when he says the legislators spend too much time trying to get reelected rather than improving the state. There are many spending troubles that occurred because of how legislators like to spend for votes, but not cut when needed. Furthermore, I believe the stressing on how the judiciary system in Alaska being held by a small group of people shows that there is no interest in having the state run by the people.

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