Monday, March 28, 2016

Freedom for Alaskans

Just a few thoughts that I had for the chapter that I read.

I think that it's interesting that he talks so much about land and how the free use of land will lead to prosperity. Personally I think freedom of business is more important than land use because with high barriers to entry for business having the land won't be near as useful. I also think that land is especially outdated since the internet because people don't need a physical location to do their business through. I assume the focus on land was because this book was written in 1982.

"Sixty part time legislators who spend most of their effort trying to get reelected, can't possibly keep track of the multi-billion monster they have created." Writes Randolph in chapter five.
I really like this quote (and this chapter in particular) because it points out the biggest flaw in government, which is the tendency for the elected leaders to focus on their own self-interest at the expense of the public and ultimately themselves.

I really appreciate many of the reforming policies that he is suggesting for "cutting the fat" out of government.

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