Monday, March 7, 2016

Readings for March 23, 30 & April 6

Dear SWEET Scholars,

Our conference room is not available this week, so our next meeting is not until March 23 (after spring break). Coinciding with another upcoming speaker on April 6, I would like you all to stop by my outer office (217 Bunnell) and pick up a short book written by Dick Randolph entitled "Freedom for Alaskans."

From wikipedia:

Richard L. "Dick" Randolph (born April 10, 1936) is a longtime insurance agency owner in Fairbanks, Alaska who is best known as the first person to be elected to partisan office under the banner of the Libertarian Party with his election to the Alaska House of Representatives in 1978. He was re-elected in 1980. He was instrumental in the repeal of the state income tax and saving the Alaska Permanent Fund, through effective use of the initiative process. He was also the LP's gubernatorial nominee in 1982, garnering nearly 15 percent of the vote.

For March 23: Read Intro. through Chapter 3
For March 30: Read Chapters 4 -7
For April 6:  Read Chapters 8 - 12

I look forward to reading your blog posts, and lively discussions in our next meetings. Mr. Randolph will join our SWEET meeting on April 6. He is giving talks at 10:30 & 2:15 that day.

See you on March 23!


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