Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Is it Sustainable?

I was not able to get the book yet, but did research on the author and the views held. One of the things that caught my attention was the fact that he was against a state income tax and was a proponent of the Permanent Dividend Fund. It appears to me that taking these two positions shows that the author was truly concerned about the people. However, the problem with that is oil prices are not very stable. The volatility this brings to state tax revenues means that you can't actually give out money to everyone all the time, but you can some of the times. It's just hard to imagine a way out without creating a state income tax and finding other means to generate revenue. The university system feels the severe consequences of this volatility. Stability is very important in ensuring dynamic growth of the state, but the promises made long ago are not sustainable. I do agree that freedom is very important, and I'm sure many Alaskans agree with that position. To me, the problem is that sounds like another promise than cannot be fulfilled just like how making money from only oil taxes is not sustainable. However, I really believe in freedom in how people should have freedom in how they live their lives, but that is where government often intrudes.

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