Sunday, December 6, 2015


I believe the current refugee crisis demonstrates the nature of the barriers existing in the world economy that simply should not exist. The redistribution processes, refugee caps, and physical land barriers do not improve the the free movement of people. I understand that sovereignty implies countries are not obligated to let everyone in, but the refugee crisis seems to highlight just how labor restrictions can affect people. Also, I did not understand how illegal actions were taken by countries when even what's legal is still not enough for what needs to be done. I do not think we are doing enough to help people in need. There is so much unwillingness to allow the free movement of goods, services, and labor in the world economy. I think many of the restrictions hinder the growth in wealth and well-being of the collective. Just because we might not like something or because it does not benefit us directly does not mean we should impose numerous restrictions on virtually everything. After doing the interactive and making mistake after mistake it showed how complicated some simple things can be when there is so much on the line. Something as simple as going to Europe is not actually that simple or easy in reality. The illegal actions taken by various powers in the process do not help the situation and only stand as restrictions that hinder free movement that we learn in economics as being beneficial.

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