Sunday, November 29, 2015


I'm not really sure how this article has to do with economics, and is rather politics. The politics can be correct or incorrect. I really do not know and nobody really does for certain in reality. However, I think the article makes some sort of implication that we should spend less on military and allow greater numbers of people to enter the country for work. Not sure if the article really says that, but that's pretty much the only economic implication I'm getting from it. The rest seems like lots of politics. I understand economics has relation to politics, but they are not the same thing. What I'm trying to say is I do not entirely understand why terrorism is talked about in every topic. It's almost like the whole world is engulfed by the Syrian crises because of the refugee crises it created. The refugee crises in Europe has a lot to do with the economy of that region, but the article was talking about it being in the United States. With regards to Europe, the refugees are in a sense a burden on the taxpayers if they will need social programs for support, but at the same time if many of them find meaningful employment it would actually help the European economies. Europe has a labor shortage in the sense that they have very low birth rates, but in a sense they do not have a shortage when many European economies are stagnant. The countries already receive many immigrants that help fill the void caused by low birth rates, but a lot of this is because many of those that move there are the more qualified migrants from their respective origin. I think there is too much resistance to the immigrants and/or refugees when I think they should actually be welcomed as they were recently in Germany that is starting to feel the consequences of its low birth rates. What I'm trying to say is with the current demographic problems the living standards and hegemony in many European countries is not sustainable without refugees or immigrants. This problem is not as acute in U.S., but we should accept immigrants as a nation that is almost entirely immigrants. In that sense, I agree with the article.

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