Wednesday, October 21, 2015


  I think Darknet is not a good thing in itself, but an indicator of a problem. Many people are quick to point out the illegal obscurity or the extreme fringe of illicit operations transacted through darknet. However, for the main part, this is not darknet. Darknet is simply people trying to accommodate with the failures of political-economic systems in existence, of which they are reluctant participants. With less regulation and quality products and service, we have proof that economies can provide pharmaceutical grade products to any consumer at an effective and efficient level. Proof that excess controls and regulation on a market are failures in regard to the consumer. It is therefore small wonder that governments are quick to try to shut to down Darknet, as its real negative effects are twofold, and only affect the political body.
1) Loss of government revenue
2) Reduction of power
So the political body resorts to the crudest methods- brute force- to solve their problems, as is the norm.

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