Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Government Subsidy Business Failing? Imagine That!

This is another example of why business's that have government subsidies will never work. In the beginning it was a good idea. An affordable place for people to come get health care, who wouldn’t want that? The co-op would be for no profit, and continue to run. Unfortunately, there were people running it that had never operated a health care facility before, and they soon found themselves dependent on the government to keep them afloat. This article reminded me a lot of the wind and solar energy business. Often times the venture has good intentions at the beginning, but soon, the true costs are realized and the only thing that is keeping the business afloat is government subsidies, in other words, OUR money! This is why government should stick to government activities, and keep their nose out of private industry, including health care, because it is doomed to fail.

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