Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lant Pritchett: ignorantly self-righteous

Lant built this article on a cracked foundation. He alluded to a perceived irony that on one document posted in the work place that the employer will not discriminate on the person's national origin and yet he saw America acting in a protectorate roll to ensure immigrants cannot work without proper documentation. I would argue that the employer has every right to discriminate based upon legal mandates that ensure a person can work in the United states: people must be documented and accounted for within the tax base. Therefore, the employer cannot discriminate based upon your national origin once you're legally allowed to work here. Further, he references U.N. Documents which are idealistic at best to demonstrate the world should be without boarders in regards to employment. He brings to the forefront that we have a broken immigration system but truthfully john Oliver did a much better job. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QplQL5eAxlY

Personally, I think the time frame to become legal to work in the United states is at best a day and at worst 5 days with the required documentation being little. A possible solution would be a world wide finger print data base.

Economically, I think immigration is great for our economy. The immigrants should be able to work what ever job they see fit and is worth their time. However work should be necessary and he immigrant should not be a burden nor have any benefits thanks to the American tax payer until after a designated amount of time. You need to serve 4 years active duty to receive 100% of your gi bill. Why shouldn't an immigrant's benefits be scaled as well?

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