Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It is evident Lance Pritchett has no understanding of the benefits of stable borders and functioning immigration policy in regards to economic stability. He also deliberately mars the line between an employer's non-discrimination policy between that countries' citizens and illegal aliens. He points out that ppl are poor based on where they are from, but fails to acknowledge that the economic state of both a country and its populace are a direct result of the policies endorsed by those same ppl. This is clearly shown in countries that have different levels of prosperity; yet they share borders and have similar resources/economic means for revenue.
  In his accolades of the unrealistic goals set by the UN, the author promotes his agenda and beliefs of how the world should function while disregarding all evidence of how it functions in reality. Notice that the wealthiest nations on earth are not a part of the UN (China, USA, Russia), perhaps because UN policy would not help all nations in the long run, after the eradication of borders and the redistribution of wealth is carried out at some point in the future. Like so much political rhetoric, the guidelines of the UN garnish the approval of a majority, while the agenda of the UN is the accumulation of power. The goals of peoples and countries are repeated over time, while the means of persuasion and compliance adjust to current technologies and events.

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