Sunday, December 7, 2014

Drinking the Kool-Aid

Overall, I agree with many points in the article, but the Libertarian Party would need to gain much-needed popularity before their calls would be taken more seriously. It does appear that the article has good intentions for the nation when it comes to increasing overall wealth, but downsizing the federal government to only a tenth of its present size may face great pressures. Much in the article sounds like a great idea, but making such great changes would require many years, if not decades. Simply firing most government employees does not seem like a good solution. This raises a question whether they actually know how much government spending is enough. 10 percent of current spending is a very small budget for such a large and wealthy country. I understand we have a great amount of government spending, but cutting the budget that much does not seem to be reasonable. Such a great claim that the government spending should be cut to a tenth requires great evidence to be taken seriously by me. I do understand that federal and state spending amounting to about a third of the GDP is high, but what ratio of government spending is ideal for the U.S.? This question raises many debates, but the article answers that question with very radically. What began as attempting to discourage the use of the term "government shutdown" ended with claims that the federal government should nearly disappear from our lives. Can the article focus on point without going all over the place? There was not enough evidence presented for me to be just "Drinking the Kool-Aid" and simply ignoring reality. 

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