Sunday, December 7, 2014

Alternative Explanation

The article cites Jeffrey Dorfman's article to claim that there was no $24 billion loss for the U.S. economy. Dorfman's disputation of the $24 billion loss that S&P claims is weak. Dorfman states that he can't find any evidence for the number, then admits towards the end of his article that places where the economy is growing to to match the losses in places that the economy is shrinking can be "difficult" to find evidence of, despite evidence of the failing businesses being not only apparent but rampant.

The article relies on the idea of a "government shutdown" not really being a "government shutdown" until there is a tangible affect on the private sector's growth in a negative direction. If the economy is shrinking by $24 billion (which is certainly effecting the economy in a tangible way) then we can determine the conclusion of the article is false (or at least not supported). I'm not convinced that a "government shutdown" really is a "government slowdown".

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