Friday, November 7, 2014

Will the Cutbacks Even be Visible??

I thought that story was lacking depth into the situation. Very poor theory. Where is the proof? I honestly don't know a  single person who doesn't re-use grocery store plastic bags. I think they are taking the ethical, social responsibility approach to cleverly disguise their decision to make cutbacks. The issue is petty and the argument is very poor...just like California's current economic state. If they are truly concerned about ocean life, the waste management source should re-vamp it's system. The consumer has always been entitled to free grocery bags. It should be the consumer's decision to accept or decline. There are always "green" bags for purchase. There are also biodegradable bags that are very popular.Why wouldn't that be the next option? Because it is a money issue! this is the same as sandwich shops not offering toothpicks, or restaurants regulating the amount of condiments a customer may receive.

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