Monday, November 3, 2014


That was a sad article!

      My opinion is that nothing last forever. Government programs are typically built on the basis of temporary availability.(unless you live in the United States)The assistance provided By Italy was like a 'leg up' on the situation and on the grounds of helping those who truly intended to help themselves. Immigration is already a hazardous process when you are dealing with smugglers and other unorthodox forms of entry into a country.Maybe if the majority of immigrants chose to unite and seek legitimized transportation and immigration, things could be safer.

     I may be speaking too soon but I can believe the United States government hasn't robbed its own country to be at the political forefront of this issue. Maybe someone (Not the United States) will sincerely acknowledge this problem and the surrounding governments can work with police and immigrants to set up a system. The smugglers are getting away with the terrorist behavior because there aren't any laws in place to hold them accountable! While this scenario exemplifies the phrase "Where there is no crime, there are no criminals."

I gathered an illustration of Italy being shunned for not doing the American style 'Temporary government program' which essentially can last for a lifetime and procure debt. I don't see Italy not caring which is why they assisted in the first place, however no one can do everything forever! I think they need an immigration reform policy.

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