Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Red Tape

The reduction and inevitable abolishment of the federal gas tax sounds like an excellent idea, it would accomplish several things: 1) this would remove absurd laws passed down by the federal government, 2) states would be free to set their own taxes and 3) there is likely to be a great reduction in the wasted funds from such taxes.
All these are good things, the only foreseeable problems may come in the form of each state having to set up their own form of DOT. There may be mild boarder issues when it comes down to maintenance but such trivialities are of little concern. It is mildly saddening that this will likely not pass, but then again few to no economical based logic ever survives the legal system.
Such things as the “Buy America” provisions code however are enough to make anyone who understands them cry. Stated differently this code can be phrased: “buy poorer quality merchandise at a higher cause. It’s your patriotic duty.”
At least one congressman has been able to “Man up” (for lack of better wording) and try and push this one forward. All the more power to you Mr. Graves.

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