Monday, March 24, 2014

Is this really the best decision?

Overall, I oppose abolishing the Federal Gas Tax and believe that the reasons to abolish the tax have a strong bias and even appear as Republican rhetoric. Alaska's "Bridge to Nowhere" was mentioned and I have seen very many articles in which it was mentioned, so it largely seems to me that wasteful projects are not the standard when one small project (relative to the national scale) is mentioned by many articles that cannot seem to find many other substantial projects that were wasteful. This entire article seems like a ploy to further tax cuts that increase budget deficits, and I also believe that 18.4 cents per gallon of a tax very reasonable considering that the price of gas is about twenty times greater than that. Furthermore, I do not believe that abolishing the tax cuts will enable all the states to create their own taxes that would replace the lost revenues from the federal budget because it is highly likely that the taxes would not be enforced at a level that would replace that lost revenue. Also, the redistribution of wealth and taxes is not necessarily as bad as many portray it because it enabled the wealthier to share their wealth with those that do not have as much, which is what many in the right-wing strongly oppose. It appears the article strongly favors abolishing unions to lower workers' wages and lowering standards for safety regulations, which I strongly oppose for many reasons that I will not discuss because it would make my response too long, but am willing to elaborate during a meeting if there is a need. My greatest fear that the article does not address is if there were to be fewer regulations, as the article asserts, transportation projects would become cheaper, but this would likely cause many more lives to get lost in traffic accidents. I would rather pay higher taxes than drive on unsafe roads and jeopardize my and others' well-being. Can we really trust a few politicians mentioned in the article that do not necessarily have the best expertise that can be present in larger groups such as the Department of Transportation with our roads or infrastructure that affect over three hundred million residents? Because I, obviously, do not.

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