Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Skills Don’t Pay the Bills

Isbister states that it is an education gap that is causing the problems, or a symptom of the problem when dealing with the gap between skilled workers, wage, and age. I agree that it is an educational gap, but not in the sense that he believes.
The real problem is that the world is evolving into a world economy, industrialization is beginning to take place around the world in “third world” countries. In a nut shell, “the rest” is catching up the the west. As a result there is more competition, (hurray) and with that there are going to be tradeoffs. Businesses in America are now having to compete more and more on a global level, and are coming up short.
Note: I believe America had this coming, a loooooooong time ago, and because nobody is listening to the voice of reason, due to political, social, ext. reasons nothing has been done to prepare. By and large, America has stagnated, grown lazy, lacks, and dumb, (I challenge anyone to a verbal debate over this one) and now we are experiencing the effects.
The world is undergoing a serious reform, this is another industrial revolution of sorts, and with it is coming change. These individuals who find themselves out of jobs, high skilled as they may be, are much like the milk man delivery boy, the coal worker, and others. I feel that people have forgotten their most basic economics, and are trying to apply overly complicated solutions to the problem- that they do not understand.
The heart and core of the problem can be simplified into a few basic points:
11)      Who? Who does this benefit, society, the individual, the individual now, or in the future, the world as a whole, or just America?
22)      “If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough.”  –Albert Einstein
33)      As far as world economics goes, we know VERY little.
44)      Economics is only one part of the equation. One must also take into account, business, anthropology, physiology, biology, paleontology, ext.  Yes, some of these are more prominent than others, but looking purely for an economic solution and not paying attention to all other factors is doomed to failure.
What the world needs at the moment is someone who can sit down and communicate with others and have an understanding of the World Economy, not just states or countries. We just do not know enough.

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