Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Here we go again.

The story of aid in Africa is not new, aid in the sort run may provide some relief, but in the long run it destroys any chase for economic growth.
This is the point that economists have tried to make again and again to the masses, but as the article stated, “Bono, in his awkward defense of his ‘Africa credo,’ also represents our fundamental failure to listen.” This is the greatest problem Africa faces, Americans and other western countries are stuck in an old paradigm of imperialistic superiority complex. If Africa is to have any hope of receiving real aid from the west it must change this fundamental way of thinking.
Unfortunately the western citizen is moved by their willing ignorance and the tune of their heart strings. The second one hears the word “heat strings” a little red flag should shoot up in one’s mind as flying in the exact opposite direction of economic logic. Economics is a cold rational science, to be able to look at data objectively and unbiasedly requires one to be detached, the further the better.
The general ignorance about Africa is also a contributing factor, who, if anyone can say they know what is going on in Africa today-and be honest about it. Newspapers are not the best source of information, often bias and misleading. Has anyone here ever read the book Persepolis? –I enter it as a good example of a cultural peek at Iran.
Another thing, rock stars should stick to specializing in their music and stay out of economic offers in which they know nothing about. As Bono stated: “Africans are the ‘most regal people on earth’ and music is their DNA.” This quote serves well to show how Bono flaunts his ignorance for the world to see.
The solution to this problem is simple. It just requires an unemotional, unfeeling, monster to enforce it and see it through.
Cut all aid to Africa. ALL of it. Immediately.
Yes, there will be cries of outrage and pictures of babies that look like skeletons, but in actuality, Africa has been like this for years. It is the unseen face that people need to know about- primarily the dictators in power. (Sure we can call them presidents if that makes people feel better.) Aid in whatever form seldom trickles down to the people in these situations, for example the recent famine in Korea, the food sent to the people was given to the soldiers instead, and who didn’t see THAT coming?
The chines are at least doing something right. It is too bad that America and the rest are still pretty clueless.

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