Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chapter 5

Hello my new friends in Alaska..apologies for the later than usual response. First, a few links for further reading:

My main issue with Frank is his argument (like on p. 67  and 72) that the rules or prohibitions of private association are viewed by Libertarians as violation of indvidual rights. No! If I choose to join a group and the  group rules are clear and upfront and I choose to join, then my revealed preference proves I am not being violated.

I understand his military arms race is wasteful argument; however, some would argue that Reagan (President when I was a kid) did the right thing by increasing defense spending because it eventually broke the Soviet Union.

In addition, he again makes value judgments as to what "wasteful spending" is and I don't know how he can do that. If I choose to spend money on my future teenager's birthday party, then I am not harming anyone else. In fact, am I not "stimulating" the economy? If I want to add an addition to my home and employ an architect and construction workers, again, who am I hurting?

As for the benefits of his tax plan and counterarguments, see the links above. I understand the main macroeconomic argument for this type of tax is that it doesn't punish work and productivity. What I don't like is his moralistic wasteful spending arguments.

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