Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I find it hard to post this week. There's only one phrase that's coming to mind- estoy de acuerdo- which in Spanish means I completely agree. Roberts didn't say anything profound. We're a microwave society, we like things to happen now, we're impatient, and waiting around is inefficient to us. Unfortunately for our mindsets, the economy does not work instantly. And it's no news to me that the president doesn't run the economy, the president has way less power than we give him credit or crap for. Why blame him for screwing things up? Even more important, why expect him to fix the economy tomorrow? It's rather ridiculous, if you ask me. He can't do anything. The government as a whole can't really do anything, come to think of it, so why do we expect one man to do so? Even if some of the plans that flopped worked, the change wouldn't be instantaneous. We would see the effects later on. Short term fixes rarely produce long term results that are beneficial. I really liked Roberts statement that genuine growth takes time. How very true, in every situation. America should worry less and wait more.
I guess I better learn how to be patient.

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