Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have to agree

I think Robert’s view when it comes to how the president actually effects the economy in the short term is true. I certainly do not know enough about economics to say differently but from what little I know I believe to find this true. Presidential years are always exciting because we get to hear all the claims by the candidates on how their fiscal policy will strengthen the economy. A year later we can see if those policies worked.

Look at the wonders the stimulus did, I mean unemployment sure has gone down as well as creating a vast amount of jobs. Ohh wait I think I missed something. Besides the stimulus making every single drive I took longer via construction, they wasted so much money on signs saying that it was a stimulus job. To me that money could have been spent on something more useful but hey it’s the government.

Robert’s mentions in his article that policies geared towards a more efficient government can encourage growth down the road. Now that is something every candidate should strive for. Our governments for the most part are so inefficient it is truly mind boggling. Just look at the post office, although I personally like their services their operation is unacceptable. I have conditioned myself to not expect much out of the elected officials because either they can’t do anything about a given issue or they simply won’t do anything.

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