Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lack of education in our country

I remember quite a lot about what classes I was required to take in high school in order to graduate. In fact, I still have a recurring nightmare where I am missing one credit and won't be able to finish in time. High school was supposed to prepare us for the next step in our lives. Hopefully, college is the next one but it could also be a trade school, the military, or a job that would provide enough money to exist.  I think that a college education is imperative for a life well lived.  Not only does one learn about new subjects, but also how the real world works.  If one is late or misses a class, then the grade will suffer.  If a paper or test is not complete, then one might fail completely and have to try again and dole out even more money.  Not only would money be lost but the time put forth as well. Education whether formal or informal at the college level is necessary in my opinion.

My Economics education began this semester.  Unfortunately, I am one of those the articles spoke about. I was uneducated and ill informed in both high school and as an adult via the media. I am familiar with the economy and the dire state it is in but only as far as it applies to my family and those around me. I wish my economics education had begun before this year. My perspective has changed with just a few weeks of economic thinking. I am able to analyze what is necessary and at what cost it will incur in my life. I will pass on my knowledge to my children as I obtain it.  It amazes me that Economics is not a requirement everywhere and for every degree.  I agree with Mr. Reed that the government should not be in charge of teaching Economics. The high schools of tomorrow should be aware and worried about what books may be biased and could very well cause future adults to be ill advised and uninformed as much of the public is today.

My hope is that as adults learn more Economics and what constitutes good and bad policy or proper government involvement, the citizens may be able to alter the current trajectory.  More teachers need to stand up and say, "Economics is exciting, let me show you why." I am learning more and more everyday and will continue to educate myself and my children on Economics because maybe they will pass on the knowledge to others and make a real difference in the world.

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