Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What the Point?

Rural Alaskan communities are heavily subsidized and they don’t even manage to grow like other places in the country. I think they largely represent failed communities and it doesn’t make much sense to me to subsidize them. There’s pretty much no population growth in those rural Alaskan areas outside of natural population growth from the birth rates present there (rural communities nearly always have higher birth rates than urban areas). There appears to be like no reason to move to one of the rural places when they have such problems with utilities such as water or waste disposal. The conditions they live under are simply not even close to living standards that are average for Americans. I’m not sure if someone finds the sewage thrown outside to your yard to be normal, but that is not normal at all. It just seems so bizarre to hear this is going on in this state. I am from the small community of Delta Junction. To me even Delta is just behind like every city out there when it comes to things like internet, food, culture, and many other parameters that measure progress. However, in Delta there is no problem that I’ve ever heard of with sewage or water. I just never heard about anyone throwing their sewage into their back yard or anywhere. That’s why everyone has a septic tank. It just doesn’t make sense to support these communities that cannot support themselves, and I say this coming from a rural community. Delta has been losing population recently too and I think that is because living standards there simply suck. Everything is expensive and there’s like nothing to do. There is like no reason to live there unless you have family. It doesn’t make sense to support places where people would not naturally move to live. It doesn’t make sense to throw money at communities that have unbearable living conditions. What’s the point of trying to save failed communities? Is there some economic gain I do not know about? I might be missing some important point, but to me it doesn’t make sense to try keep people there when there are so many better places for living across America. People should be living good lives and enjoying themselves not freezing and living like in the middle ages or something. It seems bizarre to hear about how much money we throw at communities that do not bring much benefit to the Alaskan economy. It’s easy to throw oil money at the problem if you have tons of money lying around, but that’s just an irrational way to function. 

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