Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Just Like Everywhere Else

When the author says someone will fall behind when they don't belong to a special interest I think that statement applies to national politics rather than just state. The same exact thing is happening in Washington, so I think the problems are not only for Alaska. I think there shouldn't be lobbying for politics because then you can have special interests just do what they wish. Who can stop some entity spending millions to get something passed, changed, or not changed? It's almost impossible to get a fair government when anyone with money can just buy off a politician. There shouldn't be any money in politics. It's understandable that political decisions must take into account businesses like that's obvious, but you should not be able to engage in legalized corruption. There shouldn't be any of this bribery going on when public funds are involved. I agree with the author that the system is rigged in favor for those that can simply utilize their capital. Another thing I id not understand was how come we had state officers in foreign countries. That spending does not make any sense to me at all. It just shows how little the politicians care about using money wisely. It's not like they get rewarded or punished for spending money wisely or not. Then ignoring spending for the state law enforcement does not make the situation any better.

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