Monday, April 4, 2016

Freedom for Alaskans

One of the things that I picked up on while reading Freedom For Alaskans is that Dick Randolph does a fantastic job of summing up libertarian principles in a concise and eloquent way.

For example,

"The welfare establishment has to perpetuate poverty to justify and ensure its continued existence," Randolph writes in chapter eight.

I think this quote does a good job of illustrating the problem with government handouts. When government handles the distribution of funds it is more likely that there will be the waste in administration. I agree with this, for the most part, the only caveat is that sometimes I think that the benefit extracted from government handouts outweighs the cost. For example, I think that socialized healthcare has the ability to outweigh its cost.

It would definitely take more research but I think it would be possible since healthcare is not something that is easily obtained.

Another quote I liked is:

"If our economy were again freed of government meddling, the resulting increase in wealth would make today's poor even richer in the future," Randolph writes to close chapter eight.

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