Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Readings - Subsidies

Hi all,

this week we will discuss subsidies.

There are two articles to read:

1. Surviving without subsidies
2. Us farm subsidies explained

Here are some questions for you to think about:
1. Why are agricultural subsidies so big in the US?
2. Do supporters of Agric subsidies appear to belong to a a certain party or is this one of the issues where politicians appear to agree on? Why do you think?
3. What are some consequences of subsidies? Who benefits? Who does not?
4. Can you think of a case for subsidies? Against?
5. If you could only remove on subsidy, which one would it be? Why? (Try and back this point with some evidence)
6. What can we learn from the NZ example?

Recommended readings:
Revolution or evolution?
Efficiency in NZ sheep and beef farming
Impact of US subsidies
Farm subsidies and obesity
Milking taxpayers money

 Happy readings!

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