Sunday, February 7, 2016

Campaign spending limits democracy

I think campaign spending limits should be put into place because these large monetary contributions decrease the political voice of regular citizens who cannot afford to make large contributions to political campaigns.
I also think that campaign spending does contribute to who wins political elections and does have quite an effect on the political decisions of politicians. For instance, Don Young earmarked $10 million for a highway interchange project in Florida. This project  would directly benefit real estate developer Daniel Aronoff. Conveniently, Aronoff also raised $40,000 for Young’s campaign just three years earlier in 2005.
In order to rectify this, I think that a constitutional amendment should be made to the United States Constitution which states: “The rights protected by the Constitution of the United States are the rights of natural persons only. The privileges of artificial entities are to be determined by the People and not deemed inalienable.” The amendment will also state that: “Federal, State, and local government shall regulate contributions and expenditures including a candidate’s own contributions to ensure that all citizens have access to the political process. Additionally, it shall be required that any contributions and expenditures be publicly disclosed.”
This amendment is based on the one created by the Move to Amend group:

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