Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What is Greatness?

What makes a country truly the greatest? I think that this question is impossible to answer due to the fact that every person you ask is going to have a different answer. Some people enjoy being in sunny warm places where they can lay on the beach and relax. Their country may be super poor, and they have no money, but the citizens are happy to live in such a wonderful place. Other people like to live in modernized areas where they can have lots of money and materialistic things. Their countries most likely have very high GDP's, and very high standards of living. You could also have people who enjoy living in socialist countries where everything is catered to you by the government, or have people that enjoy living in a place where there is no regulations and unlimited freedoms. In terms of economics, we can look at residents of different countries as consumers. Every consumer has different wants and needs, and therefore they will seek out the place that best fits their wants and their needs. Due to this phenomena, I do not think we can truly define or say what the greatest country is.

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