Sunday, November 15, 2015

Does it matter?

It's very apparent to me that many people are against capitalism and I think that comes from the media giving that story to the people. I still think there was a shift in American politics that favors more capitalism than in other decades because of the tremendous growth of finance since the 80's. Finance is gaining more prominence each year, so I do not think that capitalism is somehow becoming a thing of the past. Just because people might be turning against it doesn't mean that capitalism is all of a sudden not able to fulfill it's most important functions. There is a lot of politics involved with whether the country should be run with free enterprise or with the government. I think that there's nothing wrong with the government taking care of the poor and doing its best to make the country as fair as possible, but that does not mean I would support some form of socialism without great evidence that is for the better. This goes both ways because it would also require some evidence to have certain things run as free enterprise such as healthcare. Essentially, I think that life in improving in America and the world thanks to capitalism, but that does not mean I will blindly say that there can be no alternative that's better because it would be unscientific to say that. I think a scientific approach is the best to decide whether people are wrong or right, but what the public thinks can be influenced with certain interests that may have interests other than truth.

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