Monday, October 26, 2015

Go government

   The article for the week highlights the fact that about one third of the health coops sponsored by state governments will be closing due to, in short, bad business plans. This is no surprise to me as I believe that government as a whole cannot provide solutions to marketplace problems. It is already hard enough to start a business, given competition and regulatory fees. People spend years starting up their businesses and fine tuning business models so they have a chance of working in the real world. Government is granted a waiver on all that and is allowed to essentially roll the dice with billions of tax payer dollars. And they planned on running no profit, meaning the only cushion for lower than anticipated results would be the tax dollar. Even the little I know about business in the real world tells me this is not a good business model. I am not sure how this can be a good idea, but I will consider and reply to any responses.
    Government is a monopoly on the use of force in a certain area, ie, it is a means of controlling people. And some regulation is necessary for a people's protection. But, as mentioned above, how does that translate to government being the key to solving our medical needs and wants? Government did not invent the plane, nor Android, not the automobile, yet here we are with incredibly expensive and carefully crafted product in the hands of every citizen in the country. I can insure my 17k dollar car fully for 100$ a month, but a gold plan under the new regime will cost over 300$ a month, plus a 4k cap on costs in case of a real problem. This reeks of inefficiency to me. I think that people are just as capable at solving our health care issues as our other problems: if government could only step back to its original role of governing, and let people continue to make the world a better place, one innovation at a time. Perhaps it can be done by government, but it will take longer and cost more to get to the same results.

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