Sunday, October 18, 2015

Free Market Economy

I think the video was an excellent demonstration of how Dark Net is that a free market economy is system that can possibly be experimented for implementation. Even though Dark Net is working it is still hard to see how it can work everywhere and for everyone. What appears to be critical to it working is how there is so much protection trying to fabricate his/her performance. It appears that the minimalist rules established clearly work in this system because of how they simply accomplish only what needs to be controlled. There are no extra barriers to sell or buy a product that exist in the real economy. Take the example of trying to sell new cars and you will see how you must be a dealership that is not in interfere with competition geographically, and all of that makes an average new car about $1,800 more expensive than if the manufacturers sold directly to the customers. There are many inefficiencies in the market that do not add much real value to the economy, but Dark Net shows how economic efficiency can be increased with a free market approach. I believe that arbitrary, unclear, or unnecessary barriers to competition that exist in the current economy should be phased out to streamline how the economy functions and the maximization of the collective well-being. Optimization of the economy is best achieved with each individual making their own economic decisions unhindered.

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