Sunday, April 5, 2015

Keep Up the Great Work

I really liked the article and how it tells about the leaps made by China. I believe that the company describe in the article is doing a lot to benefit people because allowing people to get a drug at a low cost is very exciting to hear. There is so much potential in China, so hearing that some of that potential is being realized is great news, especially when the costs of innovating there can be several times lower in some cases. I do realize that there are some problems that were pointed out by the article, but the nature of starting something new. Over time there might be more and more scientists deciding to work in China rather than anywhere else because the progress made there leaves people like in awe. Biotechnology is very important, so all countries should try their best to create drugs that can help people and increase the competition in the market be because that way the consumers are the big winners, along with the pharmaceutical companies. Great things like what was described by the article take time to develop, so I expect to hear much more great news coming from China in regard to pharmaceuticals if the course for growth and innovation is continued. A country with a population of over 1.3 billion has lots of potential for future growth, and it’s great to hear that over 600 million people were lifted out of poverty there since the early 1980’s. The explosive growth in the Chinese economy is what I love to hear because that is what I would love to see happen in many other countries whose economies are lagging. All I can say is that I hope China will keep up the great work!

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