Sunday, March 29, 2015

Can We Decide Ourselves?

Prostitution is a very complex matter because of not only how old the profession is, but also because of nobody knows what should be done about it. Trying to look at the consequences is one approach, and hopefully the direction society moves in causes more positive than negative consequences. That hope is nothing more than a hope because I do now know what should be done. I believe the market should take care of the issue, but even that is difficult to verity. I could say the market should decide who should murder who, but that is ridiculous. Allowing individuals to all decide if they should go to a prostitute sounds well on the surface because I am not sure how prostitutes should be protected. Protecting someone from rape is very important, and I do now know whether prostitutes offer consent or compliance when a client is provided services. Simply legalizing prostitution overnight is a solution because shock therapy-like solutions bring disastrous results. Thus, if the country is going to legalize the service then it should occur gradually, and hopefully state by state. The United States is beautiful because each state can decide the matter for itself, which allows for important issued to happen over time rather than overnight. As a result, I believe that every state should decide whether it should legalize prostitution. States differ significantly, so it’s very likely if states were given more freedom on deciding what to do with legalizing prostitution then it’s more likely it would legal in more places and quicker. Ultimately, whether or not prostitution should be legalized comes down to voting. I favor the legalization because to me it does not make sense why it was illegal in the first place. It almost seems that not allowing someone to have sex for money means that they do not have full power over their own body, which is a ridiculous notion to me. Everyone should decide what’s best for themselves and bodies. Why should someone tell other people that they cannot have direct control over their own bodies? Why does someone have the 'right' to decide these things for us? 

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