Sunday, March 1, 2015

Darknet Markets

Money brings with it innovation. With the popularity and ease of use of the internet in this day and age it only makes sense that one of the biggest moneymakers out there - drugs - has found it's way to be provided to anyone capable enough to pursue it online. In direct defiance of the FBI's shutdown of the Silk Road a variety of other start ups taking its place with no halt in profits or trade.

My question is whether or not this practice is good for people.

From what I understand to the end consumer is that the practice is significantly safer than dealing with drugs in real life. The potential for violence is incredibly low without the interactions between people using mind altering substances and holding potentially large amounts of money. On top of that the risk for users due to police presence because of the process is significantly lower. From my readings the ability of the dark net vendors to ship their product stealthily is a big pro to some vendors over others. For the dealers it seems like a good investment as well. They're able to build a reputation that makes it in their interest to not screw over their customers. In addition as opposed to needing people to work streets to sell product you can instead have a distribution center ala, amazon to do it instead making the process more effective. 

Wether or not you agree on the morality of drug usage and distribution the use of Dark Net Markets is a benefit to the safety of the end user so I believe it has a net positive result.

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