Wednesday, March 25, 2015

After reading, and admittedly chuckling a little bit, I began to think about how this may hurt the dating scene in a far greater way. Understanding that attractiveness is subjective and the subjectivity is also due to your preferences, self esteem, and, what we called while in Iraq, dessert goggles. That is, that if a girl on a 0 - 10 scale was say a 5, while over seas, she was now a 10. Tinder, however, is like desert goggles for women. They are, as I conferred with a few friends, bombarded with messages. Typically, these men, by nature of left and right swiping are already found to be attractive by the female. This would cause her to feel better about her self, at least momentarily on a shallow level, and begin to swipe right even more selectively. Ultimately at some point finding an equilibrium where she is saying no to men just as often as men are saying no to her.

Unfortunately and understandably, tinder does have the reputation as a hook up site since left and right swipes are rarely based upon personality but solely on looks. Men may have a different approach, let's see how many women swipe right to me compared to you. This adds in a new variable since after all, when you've matched it gives you the option to message the person or continue playing the game. And with all games, it shouldn't be taken seriously but viewed competitively.

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