Monday, February 23, 2015

The high, the low, and the wealthy

   First a direct response on macro economics, and the vaunted attitude that so many experts love to apply to their field and exclude all others- This high minded disdain for the 'common man' is worth about as much as the paper these peoples' accolades are printed on. Take comfort that I am in no way meaning this in an absolutely literal sense, though. I am merely posing a visceral reaction to such blatant elitism.
Now to the reader:
   The basics of any field are easy for any intelligent person to learn, and thereby have a right to an opinion on. History shows over and over what works and what doesn't, while many 'experts' continue to destroy their economies over the same problems(greed, mainly). Models and ideas given new names, and more math to cover up the fact that the basis of human action and motivation is relatively easy to understand, and therefore relatively easy to get a working model going for.
    It is the controllers and would be kings of this world that have always caused the most damage. The history of our own country is a script easy to read, if you know the facts. Facts that so many experts avoid in their renditions and propositions. The same goes for the 19th and 20th centuries. These experts also understand how humanity basically functions. It is usually experts, waving mirrors and blowing smoke, who get the masses on their side; and the most people killed. Anyone look into how wars start?
   Again, this is the 21st century, and the information age. There is enough fact out there for the avg. person to be able to gather information, and hold a fairly educated opinion. I am most wary of those who despise the average person, as their agendas by and large seem to disregard the majority; as if they were little more than tools to be pushed and prodded at will.

   As for Darknet markets- In the presence of excess regulation in all facets of a market, there will be a black market that reflects the desperation of regular people attempting to survive the stealing of their wealth so they, too, may live their lives in the fashion of their choosing. It is merely a sign of the times. If the tax burden/regulation is not considered onerous, people will not go to extreme lengths to avoid said regs.

   As for the 3rd article on the FBI- it is all smoke and mirrors (see above)
One question:
IF the FBI and the administration heading policy was truly interested in doing something definite on the drug wars, would they not start at the border?

 Overall, #3 is a good article that raises some legitimate points. However, the article is unnecessary to prove that the 'war on drugs' is a ploy by politicians- aimed for popularity among the people.              Politicians, who would rather not talk about the real crises occurring, whose job it is to fix. After all, the avg. voter does not even know of most of the crises affecting them and this country, and would rather not hear about them.

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