Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How much taxation is theft?

   Right off the bat, I cannot help but notice the first graph presented in the first vid. ''Fed tax revenues as a percentage of GDP''. But the problem is much bigger than the relatively small number on the graph- lets take a look at total Govt Spending as a % of GDP and you begin to see the whole picture of taxation and spending occurring now.
Another little look at how that money is being spent

   I agree with the educational purposes of the video, and the following videos. However, the urgency of the problem is underscored, as is the lack of transparency in todays' taxation schemes. When you look at the amount taken from your paycheck, it might seem reasonable (provided you do not study how the money is spent). But when you consider a) the total of govt spending, b) the amount of that money that is controlled by a central power, (D.C.) and finally, c) that same powers' ties to the banking industry, and big business, 'Conflict of Interest' is about all I can see. Once you look at the track record of bailouts and scandals since year 2000, that conflict of interest emerges from myth and takes solid form.

   Now, don't get me wrong, I am not 'anti govt'. (I do not believe such a term can rationally exist.) But I would like a little direct representation of my tax money.  If every persons' (tax) money went to the state first, and then the state gave 10% of that to the fed govt, THEN I would have representation of my taxes. Then I could vote, with others from my town where/how that money should be allocated. If I didn't like the outcome, at least I got a vote and had a chance to rally my fellow man in pursuit of my idea of fairness. And I still have the option to move to another state. As it is, however, the Feds just dip into the pockets of the citizens to spend frivolously on unnecessary wars and big 'business' bailouts 
   Question- How is it business if you don't make money/need a bailout?
   Question 2- if the wars are necessary, where is the clarity? we can handle the truth

   We wouldn't have enough money, you say? Well, that is why this country is in debt- we spend money that does not exist. And we would have more money than anyone would dream, because all the unnecessary money going to the feds right now could be put to work exponentially in the free market.
So, to recap. We need more transparency in our taxes. Ppl should be able to easily see how much of their money is taken from them and precisely where it is going. The ideology of taxation and the function of govt is history for any to study.
   Also, we need more of that money to go to the states vs the feds, and the full control of those programs to be in the hands of the states as well. This involves the people much more directly in govt, as it should. (for the people, by the people- Anyone?)

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