Sunday, November 9, 2014

Environmental Victory

I believe the law is an environmental victory for the state of California, and it's an especially significant victory for a state making up 12 percent of the nation's population. The fact that the law was passed in such a large state will have a very significant environmental impact for the planet. Plastic is very chemically stable, and the fact that nearly all bags are not made of biodegradable material by being plastic means the law should have a significant impact on the oceans being polluted with plastic that does not decompose. Marine life, in my opinion, will be the prime beneficiary of the environmentally-friendly law. Too much plastic ends up being thrown into the oceans and it is very costly to clean up the mess, so the measure might end up saving future generations an immense amount of money if the world will ever decide to clean up the oceans. Furthermore, the opinion of plastic bag manufacturers is very biased because they profit directly from such laws not being passed, so it's a significant environmental victory that such a law was passed over the lobbyists of the plastic industry, which is very large multi-billion dollar industry that holds immense political influence. If anyone thinks plastic bags are good they should simply see what the Great Pacific garbage patch is to see what the true environmental impact of plastic particles is on the fragile environment of our planet.

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