Monday, October 6, 2014

The Spirit of Serial Entrepenuership

Amazon has yet to limit themselves with any isolated capitalistic venture. Amazon has no profit because they are using capital to move on to the next department within the growth of their company. They are a multifaceted empire using innovative tools to develop a stake in as many industries as they possibly can.

I see this working because they are heavily employed and utilized by people who have their one business venture in mind. When amazon became the forefront for a more independent retailer's vision, they went through the roof.

Some people prefer to purchase businesses that have already been in existence. The reasons for this are because you have a name, a reputation, and hopefully a strong following of well established customers. I think the average person, small businesses, and larger established businesses apply this theory to their supply experience by using amazon. They don't have to pay a space rent, seek customers, and all the other potential hardships that may be stifling in the progression of a newer business.

I see a little bit of an intrepeneurial style on a mega global level  happening also if you were to look at the independent retailers and entrapenuers as employees inside the Amazon firm.

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