Sunday, October 12, 2014

Distribution of wealth

     In the country ( USA ) we can tell that the distribution of wealth is not fair and hardly allows people to make a living wage. There are very wealthy families is controlling the entire country and other parts of the world. I have a hard  time with this heavily beaten dead horse of a conversation topic. It is multi-faceted in depth and meaning. It does exist no matter what people say and will continue to grow as long as there are wage and price increases occurring at a time when it may not be economical.
      People have a lot of opinions on the dynamics of inequality. I chose the article about the data showing the way the rich gained wealth while the poor got poorer. ( Tax situations were discussed but that isn't the only problem! Entire industries have disappeared. Outsourcing and technology development has left plenty of people out of a job. Also other factors that are just as oppressing that lead to the gap between the rich and the poor. Inequality is not a good thing but without the poor and middle class demanding, the rich would not supply. If everyone sought self Self sufficiency in the forms of subsistence then wealth wouldn't be an issue.

     Jamie Johnson of "Johnson and Johnson" ( a family company) created some opening eye opening documentaries bringing this topic into depth and perspective. one titled "born rich" (2003) and the other titled " the one percent" 2006. Very good explanation about the wealth gap.

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