Sunday, September 28, 2014

College Has Transformed from an Educational Institution into a BIG BUSINESS.

      The price of tuition has had a huge increase. The price of a standard college education has shot through the roof by a whopping  1122% since the year 1978. Yes! times have changed and the price of living has changed. The demand of the human has also changed from necessity to want. Even with all of the variable increases in healthcare,transportation, and food, the student tuition fee has been in the lead for the past 30 yrs.
      When a tuition fee statement is thoroughly assessed, one may question the relevance of some fees being imposed on student's accounts. Institutions are also growing and need capital to invest in projects. But on the other hand, the competition between schools is no longer in sports and academics. The fight for popular attendance has resulted in a market and advertising based institution. Some may define this as a ' BIG BUSINESS'. The financial needs of the student are not protected in such an economic state. This can hinder a students goals and objectives.

     Students may be grateful for student loans, and some may  have never been able to attend college without one.The fact that an institution (college) processes your loan to however they see fit (within somewhat appropriate realms), there is a heavy incentive there for the institution. They are providing the student with a service. When a student cant pay... they will call Sally Mae. Because they are not as concerned with the students financial mishaps as they are with the sustainability of the institution. BIG BUSINESS

   If a student chooses to go to college and they are struggling with loans and tuition, they shouldn't seek low paying degree. Education is not free. And even though it should be, teachers have to eat, and the concept is complex. If some of the things that students actually enjoyed were minimized, it could simplify the problem if some electives and non-scholastic, non granted programs were eliminated. However for young student, the incentive could diminish on some levels.

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