Wednesday, March 5, 2014

If he was your best...

Piketty’s argument sounded good, up until the second page with the imposing of a global tax on wealth. At this point the article goes downhill from there. I would like to bluntly throw out there that taxing the wealthy is not the solution, in fact it is one of the worst ways of dealing with the problem of inequality. This is because it destroys motivation. Stated differently, Piketty’s argument is: we need to decentivize people from becoming rich, then everyone will be paid equally, does this sound a lot like communism to anyone else?
I am happy that someone is finally beginning to catch on to the copyright problem, but saddened that this only got a single sentence, I strongly believe that this is a leading contributor to the problem.
Peketty and those who follow his example are stuck in the old paradigm of having the milk man deliver milk to your door. This. Must. Stop. As one once quoted to me: “Be grateful for the difficulty of your job, for if you did not have them robots would replace you.” , going back to antiquated technology and systems is a backwards effort. Trying to prevent inequality, is just as backwards, it is a side effect of “The Whole” and is on such a force of nature as to be the equivalent of trying to stop the sun rising each day.

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