Monday, February 24, 2014

Life without debt when credit is offered

A problem that this article did not point out is that of readily accessible credit. Now don't get me wrong, Credit definitely has some very positive uses and there are good reasons to go into debt. However, when credit is offered at very low interest rates people become more and more willing to take on credit and debt without making wise investments. On marketplace money, which is a show put on by NPR to help people make wise decisions with their money, The thing that comes up most often is credit card debt because people are often willing on more debt than they can pay back because the interest rates are so low. This is becoming more and more of a problem for the middle class. People are beginning to purchase houses that they can't afford, cars that they can't afford, and other various large items all on credit, because credit has become so cheap. The problem with this is many people become so indebted that they can never pay off the credit. This creates a drag on the economy. I advocate individuals only using credit when they have no alternative and they have the means to pay back the credit within a reasonable period of time. I believe that if the middle class were to follow this practice that we would see a turnaround in the job market and in the general economy.

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