Tuesday, February 4, 2014

incentive for aprenticeship

In relation to jobs it ultimately all comes down to incentives. Personally I would not want to go spend a large portion of my younger life at college learning how to do a job that I get paid at equally as much as someone who has no experience and did not go to school. There simply is no incentive. However, all is not lost. Unemployment rates are currently at 7% with a general downward trend over the last two years. This means that people are finding jobs, people have incentives to go to work. Unfortunately, many jobs in America are becoming less skill required, as such less people are spending time to get educations. an ideal solution from my perspective would to provide basic education until a child turns twelve then allow them opportunity to see real jobs then decide what job to do and then apprenticeship for that job. this would allow for more specialized learning, and provide a more efficient use of time for the prospective workers.

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