Monday, February 17, 2014

Healthcare For All

Honestly, I am not sure that healthcare should even be a free market. I believe access to healthcare is in many senses a right of every individual and the government's role is to ensure there is equal access to that service. Treating healthcare as a free market will allow those with money to have privileges and those that have 'pre-existing conditions' can be left without any affordable access to healthcare. It's important that what's best for the healthcare industry isn't necessarily the best for the people and vice versa. It's very difficult to find the truth in what healthcare reform should take place because there are many powerful individuals and organizations  that have interests in maximizing profit by raising costs because people often have a low elasticity for health services. Thus, I do not believe that a free market is the best solution to healthcare without sufficient regulation, which is becoming increasingly difficult with lobbyists and financial powerhouses compromising the decisions made by positions causing the politicians to favor helping richer individuals and organizations. There are no restrictions on political independent expenditures by any organizations because of Citizens United, and that is very frightening to have the wealthy fund the politicians that are supposed to make decisions that benefit the general populace instead of a few wealthy individuals. Wealth distribution in the U.S. is very frightening and the poor have lost much power over their politicians because the wealthy make a disproportionate share of the political donations; consequently, many politicians engaging in crony capitalism are likely to favor the wealthy and simply ignore what the masses may believe is the best. Unpopular decisions are very easy to pass in the current political environment and that leads me to believe that healthcare is not a free market and should not be one because the wealthy wield great political leverage financially and fund many politicians when they make decisions that favor them.  Still, I do not believe healthcare is a giant economic scam I just believe that average individuals simply lost much control over their politicians that tend to favor the wealthy with tax breaks, military spending, cutting social welfare programs, etc. I believe ObamaCare has been a positive development, but the problem is that it doesn't account for everyone and isn't overreaching enough, so I believe everyone should be given health insurance regardless of their financial status. I believe it's a basic human right to have access to healthcare and insurance should be a basic human right that every individual should have, which is exactly what the free market won't provide to everyone because of market failure.

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