Wednesday, February 12, 2014


<Pardon the delay, the marginal cost of driving into town (getting car to start) yesterday exceeded the marginal benefits (getting to class and the internet.>
I will not pretend to understand even half of the math used to describe the inner workings of agents and how their interactions affect the economic system. In the past agents, acting as middle men, were important in bringing different parties together to facilitate a market transaction. Now however, with the growing of technology and improved communication the “middle man” like the milk delivery man is going the way of the dinosaur. In all likelihood there will always be a demand of some sort for middle men, as they are still used in our day of age.
Economically speaking I believe that this is a good thing, better communication and more possibility for cooperation and expansion of production possibilities. We live in a dynamic world that is always changing, some jobs grow and fade over time, but the economy goes on.

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