Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Socialism is the Cure for our Economic Worries

Britain’s socialist policies brought in through the Labor Party of 1945 were the best economic decisions the world had ever seen. Without the misfortunes of capitalism where the market and people’s lives and fortunes are subject to the cruel corporations inherent with the free market socialism allows the everyday man to live a happy and healthy life.
                Socialism works through putting a leash on the industries and controlling who and to where revenue is going. This allows our leaders to make the decisions that will be best for our country. We brought them into parliament through a fair vote and as such they are literally our best option thus they know what is best for the economy.

                Because of the power that socialism puts into our all-knowing leaders it is the best option for a government to be like. It seems completely foolish to continue using our free market economy even after the recent depression and the fall of a once great nation.

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