Monday, October 28, 2013

Vote for now, we'll figure out the rest later.

      How do we know who to vote for as our leaders? Do we base out votes on party affiliation? Or should we base out votes on what the specific politician says she or he will do for us?
      It is impossible to know what others believe in or stand for. Politicians will tell people what they want to hear in order to gain votes and it is foolish to assume that a politician really always believes in what they are saying. The people want fast fixes to their economic problems and for the most part, the people do not have a very broad understanding of how the economy works and what the long term affects of some of these short fixes are. For example, if you tell the people, "If you vote for me, I will raise the minimum wage which will minimize the gap between the price of living and wages," most people will probably assume this is a good idea and possibly vote for you. A politician probably realizes and understand that this is only a short-term fix but will use it as a way to get votes anyways. This creates more problems because although raising the minimum wage would shorten that gap for an amount of time, it will eventually cause inflation and a higher price of living.
    A possible solution, or a step towards a solution, would be shortening the amount of time open for polls. In our country there are commercials and sponsored advertisements for months before voting time about why we should vote for a specific person. European countries have limited their time for polling. This creates an incentive to put out better reasons to vote for a specific person rather than using that time to use each other's polls against each other. This still wouldn't be completely affective though because for the most part, we are all pretty dumb and believe what we hear.

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